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Travel Passport Execution

The execution of a travel passport is a necessary procedure for the citizens of Ukraine of receiving a document, which gives an opportunity to trip abroad, and is to be showed during the customs control.

The unassisted execution of a travel passport means collecting of a big documentation package and joining to the queue in the Department of Visas and Registrations according to the residence registration.

For execution of a Travel Passport you need:
 - Passport of Ukrainian citizen (original);

- Identification Code (copy);

- Military Certificate for men up to 25 years (for those who have not served in the army – a certificate from military registration and enlistment office);

- it is obligatory for women to specify their maiden name;

- an application, if you want to get the 2nd valid passport;

- the data about the child (5 year of age and older) are written in the travel passport as an option.

We will help you to fill in all necessary documents correctly, thus your time and strengths will be saved considerably. As a result, you will quickly get a properly executed document, so you can go on a long-awaited vacation or to work in any country.

In order to have a travel passport executed in our Translation Bureau, you can fill in the application form on our site, or contact us by the following telephone numbers:  +38 (063) 0-4444-75, +38 (098) 848-93-97, +38 (0512) 71-08-32.