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Certificate of no criminal record

If you wish to become a citizen of another country or to get a residence permit, to find a job abroad, to get a long-stay visa, to continue your education, or if you simply want to have freedom to act and move across the foreign territory, you will surely need a Certificate of no criminal record.

We offer you our services involving an order and execution of the Certificates in the Department of Information Technologies under Head Board of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Nikolaev and Nikolaev Region, and in Kiev for all regions of Ukraine in the shortest time possible. With our help, you will not have to stand in queues and waste your time on execution of the documents necessary for departure.

To get the Certificate of no criminal record, it is necessary to give the following information:
1) Place of birth (settlement, city, region, country);

2) Date of birth;

3) Surname, name, patronymic;

4) Place of residence (country).

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In order to get assistance in execution of the Certificate of no criminal record in our Translation Bureau, you can fill in the application form on our site, or contact us by the following telephone numbers:  +38 (067) 512-47-06, +38 (063) 0-4444-75, +38 (098) 848-93-97.