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Declaration of Conformity (Dichiarazione di valore) in Embassy of Italy

Our Translation Bureau will provide you with any necessary support in receiving Dichiarazione di valore or the Declaration in Nikolaev. This document, which is issued according to the established procedure by the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine, is necessary, if you want to continue your education in Italy or to work there.
The procedure of receiving the Declaration (Dichiarazione di valore):

1. Apostillation of all educational documents (High School Diploma, Supplement to High School Diploma, Diploma of Higher Education, Supplement to the Diploma of Higher Education) in the Ministry of Education in Ukraine;

2. Translation of the educational documents and/or the Employment Record;

3. Translation and legalization of the translation in the Embassy of Italy;

4. Filling in the application and submission of the pack of documents formed to the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine.

In order to execute the Declaration with the help of our Translation Bureau, you can fill in the application form on our site, or contact us by the following telephone numbers:  +38 (063) 0-4444-75, +38 (098) 848-93-97, +38 (0512) 71-08-32.