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Nostrification of diplomas in Ukraine

Nostrification is the procedure by which the education received by you abroad is accepted as equivalent within the territory of Ukraine.

It is compulsory, if you wish to continue your education, or to work in the speciality in Ukraine.

Our Translation Bureau offers you its services on the foreign diplomas nostrification within the territory of Ukraine. We will help you make a nostrification of any educational documents without any fuss, in the shortest time possible, and at fair value.

In order to have a successful diploma nostrification in Ukraine, you should take a few obligatory steps:

- to fill in the form for the Ministry of Education correctly;

- to translate copies of the diploma and its supplement into Ukrainian and to certify them by a notary;

- to collect and to translate additional documents (Certificate for your residence in the city, where education was received, etc.);

- to submit the documents to the Ministry of Education, as well as for the situation assessment by a specialist;

- to sign up and to go through the interview in the Ministry, and to get a case number;

- to get the examination results, whether the disciplines studied meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine;

- to send the results to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine;

- to receive a document on the full acceptance of education or its relative acceptance. Relative acceptance assumes that you should additionally pass certain exams, the results of which shall be sent by the institute of higher education to the Ministry, whereupon you shall receive the decision on the full acceptance.

In order to get the help in diploma nostrification within Ukraine in our Translation Bureau, you can fill in the application form on our site, or contact us by the following telephone numbers:  +38 (063) 0-4444-75, +38 (098) 848-93-97, +38 (0512) 71-08-32.